Currently I am working in Autonomous Vehicle perception.

SmartWheeler Robotic Wheelchair
SmartWheeler Indoors
SmartWheeler Outdoors
Canine Assisted Robot Deployment
Canine Augmentation Technology
Signlink Studio

Some past projects:

  • SmartWheeler – a robotic wheelchair project whose goal is to increase the autonomy and safety of individuals with severe mobility impairments. My main focus in the project is motion planning and autonomous navigation.
  • Terptube – a web application that aims to create an accessible online environment that supports mentoring between Deaf users and sign language interpreters.
  • SignLinkStudio – Java and Flash based web authoring application that enables marginalized deaf communities who use non-text methods of communication, such as sign language, to enjoy a strong on-line presence of their culture and identity in their own language
  • Canine Augmentation Technology (CAT) and Canine Assisted Robot Deployment (CARD)  – projects focused on creating technology that facilitates the finding and rescue of live people trapped in collapsed buildings

My research interests are:

  • Robotics, Response Robotics
  • Autonomous Systems and Vehicles
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Accessibility

For my past research projects, see my CV.